Approval for the transport of critical lithium batteries( LP906/ADR )

LiBa®Rescue operation near Willisau, Switzerland

On Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021, our LiBaService24 partner, Autoverwertung Müller in Zell, was called to a recovery operation. At noon, there was a collision between an electric vehicle and a conventional vehicle in the Willisau area.
The company Autoverwertung Müller in Zell has the necessary training and infrastructure, the LiBa®Rescue recovery bag, to safely and quickly recover, transport and quarantine such vehicles. Thus, last Saturday the company Autoverwertung Müller was called in and both vehicles could be recovered safely.
In particular, the electric vehicle could be correctly identified and marked by the police/fire brigade as a HV vehicle.
identified and marked. The recovery company then carried out the emergency shutdown of the battery, the handover protocol as well as the recovery and transport in the LiBa®Rescue recovery bag expeditiously, safely and correctly.
Thus, another canton is able to recover electric cars safely with the LiBa®Rescue,
transport and quarantine.