Approval for the transport of critical lithium batteries( LP906/ADR )


Inner packing


The LiBa®Box is our complete solution for the storage and transport of lithium batteries. An innovative box with a collection tray, fireproof inner packaging, fire detection and an extinguishing system that both extinguishes a fire and simultaneously handles the exhaust treatment of the bursting batteries. Coupled with the GelKoh service, you get a true all-in-one solution.

Inner packing


The LiBa®Bag is our inner packaging for transport and storage according to SV376 ADR. The LiBa®Bag is made of high quality functional fabric with venting areas and is adapted to the size of the lithium battery and firmly closed by means of Velcro or safety buckles.


Our LiBa®Barrel is the safe solution for collecting, storing and transporting defective lithium batteries according to SV 377 ADR. The barrels are available with a capacity of 6l, 30l and 50l, are nestable and can be closed by means of a clamping ring and securing device. The lids are equipped with our LiBa®Vent pressure relief.


For lithium batteries weighing up to 3 tons, our inner packaging is called LiBa®Safe. The powder-coated and fire-protected steel tray is equipped with load securing rails and optional crane eyes and/or forklift shoes for optimal handling. For the controlled escape of battery gases, there is a gas management system with HF reduction in the cover.


Complete solution


With the LiBa®Pac, we offer an ADR-compliant, two-stage packaging for lithium batteries up to 40kg, as well as for shipping prototypes. The reusable box meets the highest protection requirements and prevents the spread of fire, even in the case of batteries that react through.