Approval for the transport of critical lithium batteries( LP906/ADR )

About us

About GelKoh GmbH

Our company name GelKoh stands for Gel, our roots in the extinguishing agent business, and the name of the managing directors and founders, the Kohten family.

Safe Transport, Storage, Work & Rescue

GelKoh GmbH offers you a comprehensive range of products for the transport, storage and handling of lithium batteries.

In addition to our products for transport safety, we also offer fire protection products and concepts. We will find answers to your questions and help you efficiently to find the right individually designed solutions for your safety needs.

Our philosophy

Our mission...

… is to implement fire protection economically and responsibly for our customers. We always focus on the environment when selecting products and in the approach to our proposed solutions. Fire protection must be environmentally friendly and compatible with today’s means.


Our mission...

… is to work with our partners – both on the customer and supplier side – to implement the optimum solution for the requirement, whereby this must be economical and sensible for the operator, but without losing sight of the protection objective.



… this can be in conflict with the official requirements, where we then, however, advisory in the exchange with the authorities. Our team is one of the most important factors here, we value fair and friendly dealings with all parties, the promotion of skills and interests is a key building block.


Our quality standard

Fire protection and safety tolerate no compromises, because in an emergency it is a matter of life and death. The highest quality and responsibility are therefore indispensable. The most important factors here are: practical application, competence and comprehensive product safety. To ensure this, we consistently rely on high quality standards, stringent quality controls, and continuous process optimization.

Our responsibility

As a multinational company, we consciously focus on products made in Europe. From the very beginning, we want to offer young people a professional opportunity and thus promote and sustainably secure the respective locations. Therefore, we also strive to constantly create and secure jobs and to offer our employees and their families a perspective. Taking responsibility for employees and giving our junior staff a chance is particularly important to us in everything we do.

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