Approval for the transport of critical lithium batteries( LP906/ADR )


The textile recovery system for electric and hybrid vehicles

When recovering hybrid and electric vehicles, special safety precautions must be taken, as no reliable hazard assessment is possible during recovery and a reacting battery cannot usually be extinguished. For this purpose, GelKoh has developed a textile recovery system for electric cars together with Ibena and PPE Factory.

The danger of a thermal runaway

If a cell in the battery network is damaged, there is a risk of runaway, the so-called thermal runaway. Whether thermal runaway occurs depends on many factors, such as battery design, cell chemistry and the battery’s state of charge, as well as ambient temperature or the cooling system. In the case of a defective cooling circuit, for example, it can take days for the battery to react.

Protection during recovery

There is an acute risk of fire if the battery is damaged. Flammable vehicle parts and escaping battery gases can ignite at any time.

To prevent the battery from reacting, conventional attempts are made to cool it below the critical temperature with water. Due to the design of automobiles, cooling with extinguishing water is only possible to a limited extent and can usually only be achieved by sinking the vehicle. Not only is the extinguishing water contaminated, but the vehicle also inevitably suffers a total loss. But we have a better solution!

LiBa®Rescue is a reusable textile recovery system based on LiBa®Tex for the insulation of hybrid and electric vehicles during recovery. The high-tech composite textile LiBa®Tex is non-flammable, cuts off the oxygen supply and allows emerging battery gases to escape incl. HF-Reduct. The aramid layer processed in the composite protects against bursting battery and vehicle parts.

Our solution

Our LiBa®Rescue recovery system is variably constructed and available in various sizes as well as different packaging options. Due to its low weight, LiBa®Rescue can be used by one person, with existing recovery vehicles, without special equipment and even in difficult terrain, underground garages or tunnels.


Opposite color-coded zippers, lashing loops, double Velcro straps, an insert fold, load-securing access points and the gathering function are efficient recovery aids. The special inner layer protects vehicle paint from scratches. Cut protection and barrier layer prevent the seepage of operating materials.

LiBa®Rescue protects emergency forces, even from the decision to destroy a vehicle by preventive sinking, to contaminate thousands of liters of drinking water and to be responsible for resulting costs.

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