Approval for the transport of critical lithium batteries( LP906/ADR )



The LiBa®Con safety container is a proven, cost-effective, mobile outdoor storage facility for hazardous materials. It can be moved at any time by forklift or crane when unloaded. Our LiBa®Con safety containers can be equipped according to your requirements, for example with air conditioning, and also include our special extinguishing system. This allows the security container to be optimally adapted to the specific requirements of the operator.


The LiBa®Quarantänebox can be used to store large lithium batteries, e.g. from the automotive or industrial truck sectors, or palletized goods. Similarly, the box also offers the possibility of securing a production facility where batteries that have become conspicuous, e.g. on the assembly line, need to be secured at short notice. The combination of a box with collecting tray and fire detection incl. extinguishing system, is also recommended as a mobile storage for intact batteries.


Our LiBa®Vault cabinets are equipped with a self-sufficient extinguishing system and a collection tray and can be used as a stand-alone hazardous materials storage facility without any structural measures. This provides you with an elegant solution for your business equipment that meets your requirements.