Approval for the transport of critical lithium batteries( LP906/ADR )


More efficient extinguishing with gel instead of water

Our GelSprayers are available in 6l, 9l, as well as 50l and 150l variants and are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our GelSprayers can be carried as a convenient handheld unit or pulled as a fire truck and used by one person. Regardless of the size, you get a testable and refillable extinguishing system with high extinguishing performance.

Product data

Article Ref.
Extinguishing agent, quantity, weight
Functional area
6L gel sprayer steel tank with lever fitting 557 x 275 x 162 mm
Gel / 6L / 10,5kg
-20° bis +60° C
9L gel sprayer steel tank with lever fitting 522 x 300 x 202 mm
Gel / 9L / 14,5kg
-20° bis +60° C
GSP 50 Fx
50L gel sprayer Steel tank with 5m / 10m hose 1150 x 475 x 570 mm
Gel / 50L / 90kg
-20° bis +60° C
GSP 50 Fx
50L gel sprayer Steel tank with 5m / 10m hose 1150 x 475 x 570 mm
Gel / 50L / 90kg
-20° bis +60° C
GSP 150 Fx
150L gel sprayer steel tank with 5m / 10m hose 1340 x 645 x 935 mm
Gel / 150L / 240kg
-20° bis +60° C

Areas of application

  • Offices and surgeries
  • Airports
  • Industry with flammable liquids
  • Department stores and department stores
  • Municipal facilities
  • Administrative and manufacturing areas
  • Sales and storage areas
  • Shipping
  • Workshops
  • Living areas

Product and performance features

  • Extinguishing agent frost-proof to -20°C,
    ph-neutral, without WGK (water hazard class)
    without environmentally harmful PFT
    Approval according to EN 3
  • Assembly CE certified
  • Uniform aluminum valve body
  • Robust, tensile strength, stable, moisture resistant, corrosion free, high temperature resistance, UV resistant.
  • Uniform threaded ring M 30
  • Equipped with pressure relief valve as standard
  • Fire extinguisher container made of quality steel with suspension lug, outside with resistant polyester resin powder coating (heavy metal-free) for long service life
  • Equipped with pressure gauge as standard
  • Three bolts welded to the bottom of the tank ensure excellent fixation of the foot ring against falling off or twisting (6l / 9l handheld units)
  • Gel fire extinguisher with high quality, durable inner coating to protect against corrosion, heavy metal free.
  • Film-forming extinguishing agent guaranteed without without environmentally harmful PFOS
  • Robust, impact-resistant plastic foot ring with hose nozzle holder ensures stability and protection of the unit against damage and corrosion
  • Labeling by modern quality screen printing process
  • Durable hose assembly with fabric liner made of synthetic rubber material (LABS-free) and plastic hose nozzle
  • Standard quality wall mount with two rubber grommets, matching vehicle mount available for units with foot ring
  • Can be used on electrical systems up to 1000 V at a minimum distance of 1 m